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This and That
Stello's old Tripod Blog
Wednesday, 18 July 2007
New Benchmark Central for overclockers
Mood:  happy
Topic: This and That

If you're into overclocking, you might find this website interesting:

Benchmark Central - Overclockers Benchmark Database

You can add your benchmarks, and edit them later as well.

Posted by stellas at 3:28 AM BST
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Wednesday, 8 November 2006
Guestbook links updated
Mood:  lazy
Topic: This and That
Just keeping this old thing alive, eh.. I noticed that I still had the old (Hotboards) guestbook links, so I've updated them to go to my new guestbook, which doesn't get any spam messages. I'd used that old guestbook from 1996 (once losing a couple of hundred messages when their system crashed, years ago), through their domain changes and all, so it was a bit sad, in a way, to let it go, but it had no filtering options, and they didn't seem interested in adding such, so with all these spam bots posting loads and loads of junk comments everyday, I had to get a guestbook that comes with good filtering options. If anyone is looking for a nice free guestbook, I can definitely recommend the one I'm using now. It's VERY customisable, too.

Posted by stellas at 12:55 AM GMT
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Friday, 23 December 2005
Happy Christmas and all the best for 2006!
Mood:  spacey
Topic: Christmas
Happy Christmas everyone!

Click here for the Christmas card

Posted by stellas at 2:43 PM GMT
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Wednesday, 11 May 2005
Budget roofing & UPVC cowboys in Bray
Mood:  loud
Budget Roofing and UPVC Specialists = Rip-Off Cowboys

I'm just warning people off this crowd of cowboys.. They came to replace our gutters (and the next door), and that fella John himself marked the leaflet above, including down pipes in the price.

Btw, they had been asked to do black gutters, but they arrived with white only - we weren't that fussed, so we went ahead with the white.

However, when they were "done", they just snapped the old black down pipe back to its place, although a new one had been agreed to be included:

Daniel's mam paid them (they didn't give a receipt - typical..), but Daniel did notice the old down pipe just before they left, and said it to them. They said they would come back the next day and replace it. That was before the May Bank Holiday weekend - and as you can guess, they never came back the next day.. Daniel actually phoned them that day, and their attitude then was: "oh, have they not been there yet?", promising they would be, during that day. It didn't happen.

After the Bank Holiday, Daniel phoned them again, and this time they said they would come and replace the down pipe at 11am the next day. They didn't.

I sent a text message to the mobile number mentioned in their ad, yesterday. I said where I'm from, and asked them to get in touch as we're still expecting the down pipe to be replaced. They didn't get in touch. So, I phoned them today.

Our dear budget roofing and upvc specialist (fascia, soffit, gutters, down pipes, not to forget roofing; slates, tiles, chimney work, tourch on felt, lead flashing and crow guards - all work guaranteed - In Case anyone was to google for them..) John had the cheek to claim they were never here, and therefore never promised us a down pipe. Well, funny how their truck is in this photo I took the day they were here:

And you can even spot the man himself in this detail:

So, if you're planning to have gutters or roofing done, it would make sense to contact some other crowd as this bunch are clearly liars who gladly take your money, but not really do the work they've promised, and later claim they were never even there.

- - - - - - - - - -

Added 12-May:

The topic about the Budget Roofing and UPVC Specialists = Rip-Off Cowboys is at:

- Bray Forum - twice
- Stello's Playground
- Stello Blog
- Shared Bray Forum Blog
- Stello Blog Portal (livejournal)
- Stello Blog Portal (blogspot)
- Feesch blog
- Stello's Bravejournal
- Stello's Fotolog
- in my blog
- St_Stello's Xanga Site
- Stello's old Tripod Blog
- Brainstorm Forum

I may edit this post to add links.. (Linking to any copy of this issue is much encouraged - wouldn't want those cowboys to rip off anyone else, eh!)

Posted by stellas at 4:18 PM BST
Updated: Thursday, 12 May 2005 11:13 AM BST
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Saturday, 5 March 2005
Oh, I never mentioned my real blog here!
Mood:  special
Now Playing: Django Reinhardt
I didn't even remember I had this old thing.. LOL Anyway, I've had an active blog for over a year now, it's called Stello Blog. It's on my own domain, and I make entries everyday, plus there's lots of pictures and links and all.. Check it out!

Btw, I also changed the skin on this stump of a blog, so ignore any appearance comments if you're reading the old entries.. I'm just updating the links and then I'll probably not make any more updates here (at least anytime soon).

Posted by stellas at 12:04 AM GMT
Updated: Saturday, 5 March 2005 12:13 AM GMT
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Sunday, 28 September 2003
Mini site no longer on Tripod
Just in case someone hasn't noticed yet.. I moved my mini site to UTV some time ago, because Tripod added more ugly adverts, and I just didn't like how they made my site look.. So, you'll find the new link to my mini site under the links, see on the right..

Posted by stellas at 2:59 AM BST
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Sunday, 6 July 2003
Why do I always manage to paint my clothes?
I was base-coating some deodorant bottle balls (white acrylic paint), when one of them slipped from my hand, and rolled on my black skirt.. Jeez.. Again! LOL I have four identical black skirts, and one of them is nowadays "to be worn at home only", because it has so many white paint stains.. :P You'd imagine I learned my lesson already, but no, I'm still wearing black when painting stuff white! I think I could really use a proper desk, actually.

Posted by stellas at 3:35 AM BST
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Friday, 4 July 2003
OK, like I really needed a new blog...
I have my Mini Diary on my Tripod mini site, but I opened this blog for those lazy moments when I have a lot to yap about, but don't necessarily feel like editing my diary pages (and index pages in English and Finnish, telling the rest of the site has been updated..)

I chose the charming "Heavy Metal" template as I wanted something black (to go with the rest of my site), but the other black option with its guitar was a bit much.. So, skulls it is! :P

If you ever feel like posting your comments, you can! It won't appear on the site right away, but it will as soon as I've accepted it (I chose to moderate entries as there are all kinds of weirdos who enjoy spamming people's guestbooks, blogs and such..)

Posted by stellas at 5:21 AM BST
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