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Stello's The New Threefingermen and manga type stuff

ŠStella Stenroos 2002ŠStella Stenroos 2002
Not much so far, but I'm only starting to explore the manga style (couldn't resist combining it with my own The New Threefingermen). I'll be uploading more pictures one of these days.. These aren't scanned, I took pics of my sketches with a web cam, so the quality isn't the best!
ŠStella Stenroos 2002Eighties look in progress.. LOL
ŠStella Stenroos 2002And finished.
ŠStella Stenroos 2002One of my original Redlo pictures, from 1997. He's lost some weight since, and his fingers and toes tend to be longer nowadays.
Also in the picture (sort of!), Piglet's left ear, rubber chicken's head, and some of the Papa bear and the snake..
ŠStella Stenroos 2002Redlo and Charlotta the Green Cat, also from 1997. I made this one for Patrick.